Genealogy Tree

Lee Systems is a company that specializes, in partnership with other companies, in new author publishing, and web design and hosting and genealogy/family history searches. For those who don’t know, genealogy is the study and tracing of families, their lineage and history. In this article I will go into detail about genealogy and what precisely it entails.

Genealogy can be a fun hobby that you do on the weekends: looking into your past to see who’s who in the zoo. Genealogy is also a career choice for many persistent, driven and passionate individuals. For people who use genealogy as a hobby, it’s usually of personal interest: researching family trees, seeing where adopted parent’s roots really lay, looking for a long forgotten link to royalty. On a professional level, genealogists conduct research for others, finding out what’s in their past or even work for companies that provide online databases.

Whether genealogy is a hobby or a career, they both aim for the same thing: not just understanding when and where people lived but how they lived, what they got up to and why they got up to it: this more than often than not involves getting to know ancient laws, political boundaries, migrations and historic socioeconomic or religious issues and conditions. Genealogists mostly have specialties: for instance a particular Scottish clan. There are thousands of year in the past, so researching more than one small area can be extremely taxing. Another popular area to examine id the bloodlines of Salem: discovering who was accused of witchcraft, whether they were proven guilty and if you perhaps have a witch lurking in the shadows of your family tree! Professional Genealogists often join local history societies where younger enthusiasts can learn about how genealogy works.

In western societies, the focus of Genealogy has always been kinship and descent of nobles and royalty, often to lay claim to wealth or land owned by an ancestor. Today, scholars consider many noble “ancestries” to be little more than fables some Anglo-Saxon chronicles even trace the heritage of a number of British rulers back to the god Woden.

Before the 19th century, there was little system to genealogic research: John Farmer changed all of that. Before Farmer came along, genealogy was seen as nothing more than an attempt to maintain social standing by British Colonists. As Independence Day celebrations became more and more popular, “antiquarianism” became more widely accepted as a way to honor American forefather’s achievements. Farmer capitalized on the sudden popularity of the pursuit to build a framework that would become genealogy; he corresponded with other antiquarians in New England where both antiquarianism and genealogy were well established and became a coordinator as well as a promoter. In the 1820s Farmer and his fellow family history buffs slowly started gaining a following and producing real results. Although Farmer himself died in 1839, his efforts lead to the establishment of the New England Historic Genealogical Society which remains one of New England’s oldest and most noted organizations.

The Genealogical Society of Utah, which was founded in the year 1894. Later became the Mormon church’s Family history Department. Their research department has developed into the most extensive genealogical record gathering program in the world. This institution was established with the sole purpose of establishing family links that the Mormon Church believes can link families together for eternity.

Today, genealogy has become far more widespread, with people of all “classes” researching their ancestry. The pursuit received a huge boost in popularity from the TV show Roots; The Saga of an American Family’ Alex Hayley’s account of his family line. Some sources say that genealogy is one of te most popular searches and topics on the internet today; the internet itself has made finding inf0rmation on family members living or dead much more convenient.

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